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Customized Dentures & On-Site Repairs in New Westminster

Anderson Denture Clinic offers a number of denture services in New Westminster. We have been providing quality denture services and patient-focused oral care for nearly three decades now. For all health care professionals at Anderson Denture Clinic, commitment to excellence in service is the biggest priority. We have built our reputation in providing quality customized dentures and on-site repairs through many generations. We make every effort to be on top of the ongoing research and keep our technology and techniques up-to-date. This has, in turn, made us among the most reliable denture service providers throughout New Westminster.

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Complete Dentures

At Anderson Denture Clinic Ltd., you can expect a one-on-one consultation with an oral health-care professional to help you understand the nuances between the standard denture options available with us. We make every possible attempt to use the finest materials in the sets that make them last longer without much maintenance consideration.

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Partial Dentures

If you are someone with one or more missing teeth, you can replace them with a removable partial denture. It would ensure that you chew the food properly without any speech problems with a complete restoration of aesthetics. At Anderson Denture Clinic Ltd., we design partial dentures keeping in view the unique needs of every patient.

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Dentures Over Implants

An implant-supported denture is an overdenture type which is characterized by an absence of teeth in the jaw. If the patient has a jaw bone to support an implant, an implant denture is highly recommended. Let our professionals help you determine if dentures over implants are the right solution for you.

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Same-Day Relines

If the present teeth and acrylic base of your dentures are not damaged, relining your dentures would be a more feasible option. Else, you can go for its rebasing or replacement. At Anderson Denture Clinic Ltd., you can get your dentures relined quickly by leveraging our same-day service.

soft liners on dentures


As the same suggests, a soft liner is a deposit of soft tractable material that is usually fitted between the denture and the tissues of your gum’s tissues. They can be used both in new dentures or adjusted into the existing dentures. In cases where oral tissues have become weak due to old age or illness, soft-liners are the right choice.

denture being repaired

On-site Repairs

At Anderson Dentures Clinic Ltd., we offer a number of denture repair solutions to protect your dentures against any wear and tear and restore them to their original condition. Our oral care professionals will guide you through the best repair solution based on your lifestyle and other factors.

Worried About Ill-Fitting Dentures?

When you need new dentures or services for your old dentures, head to Anderson Denture Clinic.

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