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Partial Dentures in New Westminster Tailored to Your Needs

Partial dentures are created to replace one or more missing natural teeth. A frame fabricated from acrylic, metal/acrylic combination, and or flexible thermoplastics are connected to your natural teeth. It is designed to be removable and should be removed nightly to enhance oral health. Call us today to find out what type of dentures you need. 


Deliberate and Functional Design

It is a known fact that constant chewing places your teeth under strain. It may even result in the eventual wear and tear of your dentures. Our dentures are designed to ease the pressure of chewing on your teeth and spread out the force onto different parts of the mouth. It ensures better oral health and takes care that the dentures remain intact without the need for maintenance or replacement.

Need Partial Dentures?

We will provide you with partial dentures that are tailored to your comfort.

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