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Quick and Easy Relines in New Westminster

Denture relines come in handy when the contour of the tissue around a denture changes due to bone or tissue shrinkage. This often creates a gap between the original denture and the tissue surrounding it. This can happen due to many reasons, including tooth loss, losing weight, upper or lower jaw bone loss, oral diseases or sicknesses, or general ageing. It is also a common phenomenon immediately after getting new dentures. In relining, this gap is filled with a new material so that the dentures fit perfectly once again. You can get your dentures relined in less than a day here at Anderson Denture Clinic Ltd.

When Do I Get a Reline?

If the existing teeth and acrylic base of your dentures are in good condition, your dentures can be easily relined. However, if they have undergone more wear and damage, it would be better to get a replacement or rebasing. Call us today to find out whether you need a reline.

Need Quick Relines?

Our same-day relines are the answer to your issues.

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