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We Give You Reasons to Smile

We create high-quality dentures to maintain your perfect smile.

Helping the People of New Westminster Smile Since 1991

At Anderson Denture Clinic Ltd, we are dedicated to helping you smile naturally and beautifully. Be it partial or complete dentures, our custom made expert solutions are available for you in New Westminster and other parts of British Columbia. We make dentures that make you look beautiful and are as effective and functional as your real teeth. Whether this is your first time using a denture, or you need to work on your current ones for a better fit, we have all the solutions you need. Our dentures are crafted at the hands of professionals to provide only the best for our patients. Trust our 30+ years of experience in the industry to meet not only your needs but your expectations too!

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Crafting Confidence for a Better You

Change your look easily, with our skillfully crafted dentures.

denture repair

Get Your Dentures Repaired

We provide quick, on-site repair for all types of dentures.

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Reclaim Your Natural Smile

Smile confidently with our dentures, custom-made by specialists.


Building Your Confidence

A beaming face emanates confidence like nothing else. We are here to empower you by helping you build your confidence with our unique and improved solutions. We have been in operation since 1991. For over 30 years now, our work ethic has revolved solely around achieving the complete satisfaction of each of our patients. We have catered to the needs of patients from all walks of life, making use well-versed with the singular challenges that come up in denture care. We warmly welcome new patients and also accept dental plans and credit cards for ease of payment. Give us a call to know more about how we can help you.

Innovative Technology

We understand that each of our patients has distinct needs when it comes to dentures and implants, which is why we approach our work with utmost precision and refinement in every step of the process. For over 30 years, our facility has integrated the latest technology to create unique solutions that are the best fit for your specific needs. We provide a range of solutions including:

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